Huntington Tri-State Airport Police

Huntington Tri-State Airport agents are providing law enforcement services during the facility’s operating hours. All representatives are state-certified and empowered to enforce the state laws of West Virginia within the geographical boundaries of HTS. The Police Department works with the TSA and other State, Federal and Local law enforcement organizations to carry out their mission.

TSA wait times

Security wait times at Tri-State Airport are very approximate and are mostly based on various factors, such as airport construction, TSA staffing, severe weather, etc.

TSA Security waits time forecasts are calculated by considering TSA staffing models and leveraging flight volume data.

By using advanced data science, wait times at the airport are projected within five minutes of the accuracy. The TSA recommends all travelers to arrive at the airport in advance of their flight departure time. However, for more accurate information, passengers should contact and check with an airline about ticket counter wait times and possible changes to flight schedules.

All airlines require passengers to arrive at the check-in counter, departure gate, onboard, and in assigned seats, an estimated amount of time before the flight’s scheduled departure. The required amount of the advance time varies depending on the airline.


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